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What is Online Soccer Manager (OSM)?

Online Soccer Manager is a free-to-play online soccer simulation game. You can play the game with your friends, colleagues, classmates or alone. You can choose a club to manage from 85 leagues worldwide. The game can be downloaded in the Apple App Store or Google Play. The game can also be played in your browser on your computer. Online Soccer Manager was first launched in The Netherlands in 2001. People from other countries can play the game since 2004. Nowadays the game is played by people from 50 countries and is translated into 20 languages and the app is downloaded more than 20 million times.

When you have picked a team, you have complete control of this club. Every day the AI simulates all the matches in the league. The aim of the game is to achieve the objective of your club. Each club has its own objective (rank in the league table). You accomplish the objective of your club by choosing a good formation, line-up, and tactics. Training players will increase their rankings and that means they play better. With the income from sponsors and transfers, you can buy new players. You can buy players from the transfer list, by sending out your scout or by placing a bid on a player from another club in the league. The league title is not the only trophy you can win. There is also a cup tournament in every country.

Playing for free or paid play

Creating an account on OSM is free and playing the game is also free. When playing the game you earn money by selling players, interest from the bank and you receive money from sponsors. You can buy new players with the money you earned. To speed up this process you can buy Boss Coins, these coins cost real money. With these Boss Coins, you can buy everything you can buy with your normal OSM money. In addition, with Boss Coins, you can also speed up a number of processes, such as training players faster and scouting players faster.

It is not necessary to buy Boss Coins to achieve your objective. If you choose the right tactics and formation through this website, you will always achieve your objective. It can be useful to use Boss Coins if you want to end higher on the league table with a weak team. It is advisable for new players to play the game first without spending real money because it is not necessarily necessary and it is not the case that using Boss Coins makes the game much more fun.


About the formation

The formation is an important part of your tactics. A good formation will ensure good results. Not every formation suits every team. Whether a formation fits well with a team has to do with the objective of your team and the qualities of your players. If you play with a team with a high objective and with good attackers, it is wise to play offensively. If you play with a team with a low objective and few offensive qualities, it can be more convenient to play defensive.

A suitable formation

The table below shows a number of good formations per objective and best line. Always choose a formation that suits the best with your club and the quality of your players. As you have bought many new good players with a low objective club, it is possible to change to a more offensive formation.

(Click on a formation to find out how to beat it)

ObjectiveBest lineFormations
1-4Forwards4-3-3 | 3-2-5 | 3-2-3-2 | 3-3-4 | 3-4-3 | 3-3-2-2 | 4-2-4
1-4Midfields4-3-3 | 4-4-2 | 3-2-3-2 | 3-3-4 | 3-4-3 | 3-3-2-2 | 3-5-2
5-10Forwards4-3-3 | 3-2-3-2 | 3-4-3 | 3-3-2-2 | 4-2-4
5-10Midfields4-3-3 | 4-5-1 | 4-2-3-1 | 4-4-2 | 3-2-3-2 | 3-4-3 | 3-3-2-2 | 3-5-2
higher than 10N / A4-3-3 | 4-5-1 | 4-2-3-1 | 4-4-2 | 5-2-3 | 5-3-2 | 5-3-1-1 | 5-4-1 | 6-3-1

Playing with the wrong formation

For example, when you play with a club that has the objective to end in 10th place, don’t choose a formation for a higher objective. You will end lower on the league table when you play with the wrong formation. The formations in the table above will provide the best results.

If you want to try to become a champion with an objective 10 club, you should never choose a very offensive formation, this will ensure that you get many goals against.

Best Tactics for OSM

About tactics

The tactic you should use depends on the formation you have chosen. The tactics page on OSM consists of three parts: the style of playline tactics, and advanced tactics. Below you will find useful tips per part of the tactics page.

It is important to choose a tactic that matches your previously chosen formation. Of course, it is not useful to play long balls if you play with a formation with many players in the back and a few forwards.

Style of play

With playing style you can choose between Shoot on sightCounter-attackWing playPassing game, and Long ball. The best choice depends on your formation and the qualities of your players.

Shoot on sight

  • Best to use in combination with a wide midfield
  • Players shoot from a distance and are less likely to pass to the striker
  • Formations: 4-5-1 | 4-4-2 | 3-5-2


  • Best to use in combination with a defending formation
  • Players wait for the opponent’s mistakes
  • Formations: 4-5-1 | 5-2-3 | 5-3-2 | 5-4-1

Wing play

  • For formations with no more than 4 midfielders
  • The players play the ball from the sides of the field
  • Formations: 4-3-3 | 3-3-4 | 3-4-3

Passing game

  • Best to use in combination with a wide defense and midfield
  • Defenders and midfielders pass the ball around until they reach the striker
  • Formations: 4-3-3 | 4-4-2

Long ball

  • Best in combination with few or bad midfielders
  • Defenders try to reach the forwards with long high passes
  • Formations: 3-2-5 | 4-2-4

Line tactics

In the section Line tactics, you can determine how offensive or defensive each line should play. With a team with a high objective (for example 1-5), it is wiser to play offensively than with a team with a low objective. If you have midfielders with high attacking values, you can let them push forward. This also applies to your defenders, if your wingers have high attacking qualities you can let them play as attacking full-backs. If you let your backs attack, ensure your central defenders are good enough to take over the defensive work. Another solution is to let the midfield assist in the defense. If you play with a few defenders (4 or 3) it is not wise to look for the attack with your backs.

OSM Line tactics

Advanced tactics


Use man-marking with:

  • Formations with four or more defenders
  • With strong defenders

Use zonal marking with:

  • Formations with four or fewer defenders
  • Works the best in combination with an offside trap
  • works well against weak opponents

Offside trap

Use offside trap only in combination with zonal marking with four or fewer defenders. The offside trap is best used with strong defenders.


The more aggressive you set the tackling, the better your team performs. But the chance of red cards and injuries also increases. Also, the fitness of your players decreases faster. Play with strict referees (red) carefully or normally. Play normal or aggressive with fairly strict referees (orange). With non-strict referees (green) you can play aggressively. It is never advisable to play recklessly; the chance of red cards and serious injuries is very high. Click here to learn how to set tackling based on the color of the referee.


With the pressing section, you indicate how much pressure you want to put on the opponent. With high pressure, you will have a lot of ball possession but your players will be exhausted faster. If you are playing against a team that is weaker than your team, it is wise to play with high pressure. If the opponent has a better team, it is useful to play with lower pressure.


By choosing the style you indicate how the players should enter the pitch. With a strong team it is best to play offensive (attacking or all-out attack). The worse your team is, the more defensive you need to play. It is also important to look at your formation. If you play with many defenders, you can also play offensively with a weak team because your formation is defensive enough.


With the tempo section, you indicate how fast the ball should be played. An attacking style has a higher tempo than a defensive style. The faster the tempo, the faster your players will tire.


In the specialist’s section, you can choose a captain, a penalty shooter, a free kick shooter, and a corner shooter. This section is also an important part of the tactic.


It is the best option to choose an old player as captain (age 30 or higher). In theory, older players have more experience than younger players.


Most penalties go into the goal. It doesn’t really matter which player you choose as the penalty shooter. Choosing your top scorer as the penalty shooter is a smart choice. Now he will score some extra goals the whole season. This way changes are higher your club will deliver the top scorer in the league.

Free kicks

The best option for your free kick player is your player with the highest attacking rate. This could be an attacker or a midfielder.


Your players with the highest attack rates should be in front of the goal when you get a corner. That’s why you should pick your lower-rated midfielder or attacker for kicking corners.