How to beat 343A on OSM

How to beat 343A? Learn here how to beat this formation!

Are you looking for the best tactics to defeat your opponent with a 343A formation on OSM? In this article, you can read tips and the best tactics to beat the 343A formation on Online Soccer Manager. After reading this article you will know everything you need to know to beat your opponent using 343A. The 343A formation is a fairly balanced formation with a wide midfield. With this formation, you can play both offensive and defensive football. The 343A formation is very similar to the 343B formation, click here to read how to defeat this formation.

Analyzing the opponent, is he always using 343A?

It is important to make sure that your opponent is playing with 343A before setting up a counter tactic. Look closely at your opponent’s previous matches. If he always plays with the 343A formation and never changes it, you can assume that your opponent will not change his formation either. If you’re not sure how your opponent will play, it’s a good idea to use your data analyst.

Does your opponent play with 343A? Use this tactic to counter 343A.

If your analysis shows that your opponent is playing with the 343A formation, this tactic is a good choice. This will increase your chances of winning against the 343B formation.

  • Formation: 352
  • Style of play: Shoot on sight
  • Offside trap: Yes
  • Marking: Man marking

Line tactics:

  • Forwards: Attack only
  • Midfielders: Stay in position
  • Defenders: Defend deep

With this tactic, you play with many players in the midfield. The many midfield players and the two forwards will score goals by shooting from a distance. You will have a lot of ball possession with this tactic.

Bring the three sliders to these values:

  • Pressing: 45%
  • Style: 26%
  • Tempo: 55%
Beat 343A

In this example, tackling is set to aggressive, click here to learn how to properly set up tackling.